Appointment Information (Impormasyon ng Pagpunta)
Date (Petsa)
This is your preferred date of appointment. (Ito lamang ang iyong iminungkahing petsa.) All appointment are subject for approval. (Ang lahat ng appointment ay sasailalim sa pag-apruba.) All dates of appointment might be changed by the department. (Ang lahat ng mga petsa ng appointment ay maaaring mabago ng kagawaran.)
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Personal Information (Personal na Impormasyon) We'll never share your personal information with anyone else. (Hindi namin kailanman ibabahagi ang iyong personal na impormasyon sa ibang tao.)
(Unang pangalan)
(Gitnang pangalan)
(Jr./Sr./III Etc..)

-Kids below 12 years old should be accompanied by an adult.
-We highly advise to properly wear your facemask at all times.
-Since your safety is our priority, we limit the number of visitors in every part of the Park at any given time. Long queues and waiting time are to be expected.
-Be mindful of the time; always remember that there are other people waiting for their turn.
-Eating and drinking are only allowed in designated areas.
-Bringing of pets is not encouraged, but small pets will be allowed in designated areas only.
-Medical stations and help desks are located within the Park.
-There will be personnel to guide you during your visit to the Park.
-Be courteous.
-Exhibit kindness and politeness.

-Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
-Those who consume any alcoholic beverage are not permitted to enter.
-Smoking and vaping are not allowed.
-Firearms and sharp objects such as scissors, knives, and cutters are not allowed.
-Do not leave you belongings unattended.
-Please do not touch the lights, equipment and installations so we can all enjoy and make the most out of our TLC Park.
-CCTV cameras are in place to ensure everyone’s safety.
-To look your best and brightest when taking photos, dress appropriately inside the park.
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